with paid subscription
  • Search wholesale offers
  • Purchase and retail pricing
  • Export product feed builder
  • Subscription €0.7 / 1000 SKU / day
  • 10 product feeds
  • 15 000 SKU assortment
  • 7 days data correction
  • 2 times per week webshop updates
1 499 €/annually
  • Search wholesale offers
  • Purchase and retail pricing
  • Export product feed builder
  • Free subscription
  • 15 product feeds
  • +1 product feed = €20
  • 20 000 SKU assortment
  • +1000 SKU = €20
  • 72 hours data correction
  • Daily webshop updates
7 999 €/annually
  • Search wholesale offers
  • Purchase and retail pricing
  • Export product feed builder
  • Free subscription
  • 50 product feeds
  • +1 product feed = €20
  • 50 000 SKU assorment
  • +1000 SKU = €20
  • 8 hours data correction
  • Hourly webshop updates
  • Adding new product type
  • Software development class 2
  • Integration with ERP

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  • Have more than 100 suppliers or more than 100 000 products in your product mix? — Contact us to get your special pricing.

  • Additional services

    You can configure MarketMixer via client access area, or we are happy to propose you our paid services.

    Integration with online shop


    15 hours included for the following operations:


    Technical Study analysis

    Creation of the technical study and specification

    Connection of the suppliers with public data

    Connection of the suppliers with individual data

    Settings of purchasing conditions

    Settings of retail price calculation

    Settings of minimal advertised pricing

    Settings of brans filters

    Preparation of data export from MarketMixer to an online shop

    Import of data to online shop

    Uploading of product nomenclature (sold separately)

    Uploading of images of products (sold separately)



  • FAQ
    Why MarketMixer is better than custom development?
    With MarketMixer you will have more profit. You will not have to support the system and keep paying expensive software developers.
    How quicker can I launch with MarketMixer than with my custom development?
    Terms and cost of custom development is underestimated 2-3 times. Custom development will never overtake MarketMixer by price / quality ratio and it will affect your competitiveness.
    How risky is to upload inventory and prices of my suppliers to MarketMixer?
    MarketMixer allows you to upload supplier product feed individually. Only you will be able to access this data. You can additionally sanitize data if you want.
    How safe is to set up purchase conditions in MarketMixer?
    It is not mandatory to set up purchase conditions in MarkerMixer. You can use MarketMixer only for data cleaning, normalizing, matching and enriching. Further pricing you can build on your side.
    How to minimize the risk of dependency on MarketMixer?
    You can minimize those risks by organizing the data flow in a way to receive data updates from MarketMixer and save them on your servers. So you can be more independent.
    What is the best practice to insert MarketMixer into my current solution?
    Ideally you have to you MarketMixer as a complimentary service to your current systems design. And you you will see on practice the efficiency of MarketMixer.
    Thanks to me MarketMixer will sell services to my competitors?
    The earlier you start working with MarketMixer, the more advantage you will have over your competitors. To active clients we propose a special bonus program that gives good discounts.
    How long does it take to add my product category to MarketMixer?
    According to our methodology you receive the first result in 1 week after the start. After that MarketMixer trains for data variability and data becomes better and better all the time.
    How can I pay for MarketMixer?
    You can pay with credit card Visa, Master card, Paypal or bank transfer.
    How confidential is my participation?
    We treat confidentiality and personal data protection very seriously. We never reveal any commercial information of our clients.
    How can I see a demo?
    Drop us a message and we will be happy to show you what MarketMixer can do.
    What support you provide?
    We offer you the high quality support from Monday to Friday via and chat.
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